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is the premier example of a free business model for its network members.

Become a member  of CBCNA/CHBC and utilize its various categories. CBCNA/CHBC currently only requires a token one time administrative and mounting Fee of US$ 49.95 for handling the full profile posting.

CBCNA/CHBC  has positioned itself to help the professionals stay connected with each other , consumers with suppliers, suppliers with consumers, Networking, E-mail notification & Advertising, News, Employment, Travel and much more  by creating and managing a professional identity and building a professional network.

CBCNA/CHBC ‘s Multi-sided Platform, offers different solutions to different categories of users.

CBCNA/CHBC  provides a multitude of categories of solutions in its network to members who are able to use these vast professional tools. As the average number of member connections grows, the strength of the network improves. The more the network becomes strong, the more attractive it becomes to the users on the other sides of the platform.

CBCNA/CHBC  offers  Corporate Solutions, and a multitude of categories of solutions in its network to members.

CBCNA/CHBC  Recruiter will be launched shortly…..our hiring solution to find, contact, and hire candidates.                  Self-service postings help recruiters to post and manage job opportunities. The Referral engine helps organizations leverage their employees network to find qualified candidates providing job recommendations to its members offering products to recruiters and hiring managers.

CBCNA/CHBC  marketing solutions enable marketers and advertisers to reach their target audience.

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